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A Curious Unraveling.... Amsterdam, Netherlands 2016

NDSM Treehouse Artist In Residency project in the fallen land of industrial shipbuilders . First of a series exploring the impact of women who have significantly altered or creatively influenced their cultures; the extravagant garments of Mathilde Willink, "Super Kitten"- eccentric fashion icon and wife of Dutch magical realism  painter, Carel Willink, were re-imagined and sewn in an old trolley car that would take laborers to their roles in producing the worlds largest ships between 1894- 1979.

Unnecessary Discomforts.. Los Angeles, California 2015

Of perfecting patience for folding dinner napkins while searching inward for an unconscious map of logical personal origin. 

Mystical Mojave Wild Kingdom Circus Extravaganza... Joshua Tree, California 2012

Madcap runway show about the amusements of Anthropomorphism. 

Musings of Mortality....Los Angeles, California 2015

A global study of historical perceptions of human anatomy using natural scorched fibers and vegetable dyes.

Of Water and Colors... San Bernardino Mountains, California 2014

A collection of whimsical garments designed and dyed to emulate a study of seasonal light changes upon a body of water and the forest surrounding it.

A Refinement of Detritus... Zorthian Art Ranch, Altadena, California  2010

A textural collection which tipped a dapper hat in deference to three centuries of historical context by pleasantly imagining necessary decay while an insouciant little cloud

hovered above. 

Pieces of Purpose... Los Angeles, California 1994- Present

Personal sketches, self portraits and pivotal moments of observations.

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